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You have the possibility of adding a jingle or introductory announcement, before the steam begins playing for the listener. You need to load an MP3 file from your hard disk, directly from within the administration console. There is a field available for this purpose below the stream to which you wish to add an introduction. This is only possible with your MP3 radio streams (this is why the field doesn't show below an AAC stream). All listeners who connect to the streaming server will hear the introduction before being able to access the live streaming.

The first time you load an MP3 as an intro file, you will need to wait until the following day for this MP3 to be played before the stream. However, once the MP3 file has been loaded, you will have the possibility of uploading a new one, and the result shall be audible after a few minutes already.

This intro should preferably not last longer than 15 seconds so that listeners are not obliged to wait too long before they have access to the actual streaming. Make absolutely sure that the MP3 intro file you created has exactly the same bit rate (kbps), the same sample rate (kHz) and the same mode (mono/stereo) as your usual streaming.

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